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Our Lab


Maru Iezzi

Postdoctoral Associate

Maru is interested in large-scale conservation. As part of her postdoc, Maru is  assessing the efficacy of the Florida Wildlife Corridor and connectivity for mammals across the region.


Savannah Troy

Ph.D. Student

Savannah received her BS degree from the University of Texas. She is interested in landscape ecology and conservation, with an eye toward problems of community connectivity.


Rob Fletcher

Professor and Leader of the Lab

Rob is a member of the Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Department (WEC) and is affiliated with the School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE). He is a big fan of critical thinking and integrating diverse perspectives into ecology, conservation, and management.


Lara Elmquist

MS Student

Alfredo received his BS degree from Florida State University. He is focusing on identifying sources of failure and mortality in the endangered snail kite.

Caroline Poli.jpg

Caroline Poli

Postdoctoral Associate

Caroline received her M.S. from Clemson University and Ph.D. from UF. She is interested in  movement ecology and its applications to conservation of the endangered snail kite.


Sebas Mena

M.S. student

Sebas got his BS degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Ecudador. He is working at the interface of climate limitations and spatial ecology in insects. Sebas is co-advised with Brett Scheffers.


Thomas Smith

Ph.D. Candidate

Thomas received his M.S. from the University of Hawaii. He is interested in the role of the matrix for populations and communities. Thomas is co-advised with Emilio Bruna.

Maggie Jones.JPG

Maggie Jones

Ph.D. Candidate

Maggie received her M.S. from Iowa State University. She is interested in  the role of large herbivores on the trophic ecology of plants and animals in African savannas. Maggie is co-advised with Bob McCleery.


Muzi Sibiya

Ph.D. Candidate

Muzi received his M.S. from the University of Eswatini. He is interested in land-use change and avian communities.


Meghan Beatty

Ph.D. Student

Meghan received her B.S. from the University of Rhode Island and a MS from UF.  She is interested in the spatial ecology and conservation of birds, with a focus on forecasting spatial population dynamics.

Brian Jeffery.jpg

Brian Jeffery

Project Manager and Ph.D. Student

Brian received his M.S. from the University of Florida. He is managing our research and monitoring on the endangered snail kite. For his dissertation, he is investigating the role of climate change on bird populations and communties.

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