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Opportunities in the Lab


I expect that students in my lab will hold common interests in ecology and conservation, with strong appreciation for integrating other fields, such as evolutionary biology and statistics, into their research and development as biologists. I will consider advising students on a wide range of topics, including research on landscape ecology, animal behavior, population dynamics, quantitative modeling, avian ecology, and conservation.


If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the Fletcher Lab, we highly recommend reading publications from the lab to determine if and how our work interests you.

Want research experience? Contact us!

Our lab often has openings for motivated undergraduate students that want to gain valuable research experience, including both field experience and computer experience (e.g., GIS skills). We expect undergraduates to be very committed to their work in the lab. If you are interested in gaining research experience relevant to the work in our lab, please send Dr. Fletcher a resume, 2-3 names of references, your current GPA, and a brief statement of why you would like to work in the Fletcher lab.

We are currently  expecting to recruit one new graduate student in Fall  2023 or Fall 2024

We are always interested in hearing from potential graduate students that are motivated to work in ecology and conservation. New students require funding support (fellowships or grants). In either Fall 2023 or 2024, a funded position on the endangered snail kite will open. Other opportunities are contingent on securing new funding.

Undergraduate REU available!

We are looking for a motivated undergraduate student to work on a collaborative project on habitat loss, fragmentation, and the role of the 'matrix'.

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